How To Apply

A conservator-restorer's professional practice is assessed by the accreditation process.

An ICRI conservator-restorer member may apply regardless of the route he/she has taken in their career, their specialism or the context in which they practice, provided they comply with the necessary requirements noted in the ICRI Bye-Laws. To maintain this professional status, each accredited member must continue their Professional Development and pay the annual membership fee (€100).


If a conservator-restorer member is interested in becoming accredited, it is important that he/she first reads ICRI's Candidate GuidelinesConstitution, Bye-Laws and Code of Conduct.

He/she should then complete the Registration of Intent form and send it to by 30 September deadline. A registration fee of €100 is payable and is non-refundable.


When the Secretary receives the completed Registration of Intent form, the candidate will then be sent an Application Form and the names of 3 mentors; the candidate must choose one of these.

Following this selection the candidate must:

  • Inform ICRI of the name of their selected mentor. Email

  • Meet with that mentor. He/she will help guide the candidate through this stage; at least 3 meetings are advised.

  • Complete the Application Form and submit it by 31 March.

  • Complete their portfolio to cover all the competencies listed in the Candidate Guidelines and consider provisional assessment date(s) and schedule.

  • Meet with the Accreditation Committee to clarify any issues which may have arisen and to agree a timetable to proceed to assessment and finalise an assessment date.

  • Pay an assessment fee of €300.


  • The assessment, with professional discussion of the candidate’s work, will normally take place over the course of 1 day.

  • There will be 3 assessors; 2 ICRI accredited assessors and an external assessor in the specialisation of the candidate.

  • Following the assessment the assessors will compile a joint report with recommendations. This is submitted to ICRI  Accreditation Committee for initial review and then to the Board at its next meeting.

  • The candidate will then be notified in writing of the assessors’ recommendations, as approved by the Board.

*Competence is defined by E.C.C.O. ‘as the combination of knowledge and skill together with experience that allows the professional Conservator-Restorer to deliver work consistently and responsibly’.

All conservator-restorers applying for accreditation should consult Competences for Access to the Conservation-Restoration Profession-Restoration Profession published by the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers’ Organisation (E.C.C.O.) in 2011. A copy of this publication is available from the Secretary on request.

ICRI conservator-restorer members are expected to have entry levels to the profession as set out in the Conservator-Restorer’s Knowledge and Skills Map (p.15) of this publication.


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