Board Members

Susie Bioletti

Chair / Events and Training

Maria Canavan

Company Secretary

Pearl O Sullivan


Corrie Masson

Membership Secretary

Muirne Lydon

ECCO Representative

Liz D'Arcy

Vice Chair/Communication and website coordinator

Ellen McKeever


Eileen Walsh


Ciarán Lavelle

Education and CPD Manager

Siobhán Conyngham


Code of conduct for the Icri Board

  • The Board will ensure good governance and in doing so will:

    Commit itself to ethical, business-like and lawful conduct.

    Work collegially and supportively.

    Act with due care and diligence.

    Ensure its members do not improperly use information or position.

    Act in the best interest of the organisation, abiding by its Constitution and Mission.

    Ensure that its members are properly prepared for Board deliberations by circulating the necessary documentation in advance.

    Provide mentoring to new Board members.

    Avoid conflict of interest with respect to the Board’s fiduciary responsibility.

    Be open and transparent about Board’s business. Should a conflict of interest present itself that member shall withdraw not only from the vote but also from the deliberation. The Board to be the final arbiter in deciding conflict of interest.

    Ensure that its members respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature.

    Ensure that its members will support the legitimacy and authority of the final determination of the Board on any matter, irrespective of the member’s personal position on the issue

    Ensure that its members only interact with public, press or other entities on behalf of the organisation when explicitly authorised by Board decisions.

    Sanction Board members who fail to implement the above Code

dates of board meetings 2021

  • 19th January

  • 2nd March

  • 13th April

  • 20th May

  • 6th July

  • 7th September

  • 5th October 

  • 2nd November

  • 7th December

dates of board meetings 2022

    • 18th January
    • 8th March
    • 12th April
    • 19th May
    • 12th july
    • 13th September
    • 11th October
    • 8th November
    • 13th December

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