CPD Review Procedure

To maintain the accreditation status as an accredited conservator-restorer, our members are asked to demonstrate continued professional development (CPD).

How to write a CPD review report

By identifying strengths and weaknesses, accredited ICRI members can identify personal and professional goals and plan a long and rewarding career in conservation. A personal CPD development log can be useful tool in this process.

A CPD review panel facilitates the annual CPD review process of accredited members.The panel is made up of 3 ICRI accredited members.

CPD Review Timeline

February: 20% of the accredited membership, randomly selected, is contacted by the co-ordinator to supply their CPD records for the previous three years, to be received no later than the first week of May. Those selected for CPD review are sent a standardised form in which they are asked to detail their CPD work, reflect on the activities they undertook and detail the direction of their intended future CPD.

May: All completed CPD records are received. 

June: Review panel co-ordinator arranges date for the panel members to meet and review. Panel members receive the returns in advance of the meeting.

June - August: The panel meets and reviews CPD records. The co-ordinator provides feedback in the form of three standardised letters; (a) - up to date and satisfactory. (b) - request for clarification / supplementary information, (c) -  failure to demonstrate adequate CPD. 

September: Any outstanding reviews are completed, with any appeals or disputes referred to the board as necessary.

A copy of each of the CPD returns for that year are sent to the ICRI Secretary along with a record of the decisions.

A member that has successfully demonstrated CPD is automatically exempt from the selection process for the next three years. In this way, over a period of years, all accredited members records are reviewed.

A member that fails to meet CPD requirements is automatically required to submit another CPD record the following year, for the extended period covering the initial three years plus the additional year(s) of subsequent requests. Failure to demonstrate adequate CPD for three years in succession will result in removal of accreditation status.


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CPD Training Grants

ICRI supports the continued professional development (CPD) of its member Conservator-Restorers through CPD Training Grants.
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