How to Apply

A conservator-restorer's professional practice is assessed by the accreditation process.

An ICRI conservator-restorer member may apply regardless of the route he/she has taken in their career, their specialism or the context in which they practice, provided they comply with the necessary requirements noted in the ICRI Bye-Laws. To maintain this professional status, each accredited member must continue their Professional Development and pay the annual membership fee (€100).


If a conservator-restorer member is interested in becoming accredited, it is important that he/she first reads ICRI's Candidate GuidelinesConstitutionBye-Laws and Code of Conduct.

He/she should then complete the Registration of Intent form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 30 September deadline. A registration fee of €100 is payable and is non-refundable.


When the Secretary receives the completed Registration of Intent form, the candidate will then be sent an Application Form and the names of 3 mentors; the candidate must choose one of these.

Following this selection the candidate must:

  • Inform ICRI of the name of their selected mentor. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Meet with that mentor. He/she will help guide the candidate through this stage; at least 3 meetings are advised.
  • Complete the Application Form and submit it by 31 March.
  • Complete their portfolio to cover all the competencies listed in the Candidate Guidelines and consider provisional assessment date(s) and schedule.
  • Meet with the Accreditation Committee to clarify any issues which may have arisen and to agree a timetable to proceed to assessment and finalise an assessment date.
  • Pay an assessment fee of €300.


  • The assessment, with professional discussion of the candidate’s work, will normally take place over the course of 1 day.
  • There will be 3 assessors; 2 ICRI accredited assessors and an external assessor in the specialisation of the candidate.
  • Following the assessment the assessors will compile a joint report with recommendations. This is submitted to ICRI  Accreditation Committee for initial review and then to the Board at its next meeting.
  • The candidate will then be notified in writing of the assessors’ recommendations, as approved by the Board.

*Competence is defined by E.C.C.O. ‘as the combination of knowledge and skill together with experience that allows the professional Conservator-Restorer to deliver work consistently and responsibly’.

All conservator-restorers applying for accreditation should consult Competences for Access to the Conservation-Restoration Profession-Restoration Profession published by the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers’ Organisation (E.C.C.O.) in 2011. A copy of this publication is available from the Secretary on request. ICRI conservator-restorer members are expected to have entry levels to the profession as set out in the Conservator-Restorer’s Knowledge and Skills Map (p.15) of this publication.

Protocol for accredited members of conservation organisations seeking equivalent membership of ICRI

Initially, please write to the Secretary of ICRI who will pass the request to the ICRI Accreditation Committee for consideration. Please include the following documentation:

  • Details of Formal Qualifications
  • Details of past experience (up-to-date CV with 2 referees)
  • Copy of your Certificate of Accreditation

In addition to a letter of acknowledgement a copy of the ICRI Code of Conduct will be sent out for your familiarisation.

The ICRI system accredits members in particular specialisations relevant to their training and experience; the Institute does not issue a general membership certificate. The relevant specialisation(s) will be agreed with the applicant before referring the matter to the ICRI Board with a recommendation. Once the ICRI Board have confirmed the recommendation the candidate will be informed.

If the outcome is positive, the candidate will be sent a letter confirming acceptance and an invoice for the membership fee. Upon receipt of payment the candidate will then be issued with a membership certificate and sent a link to access the ICRI Constitution (Articles of Agreement & Memorandum) and Bye-Laws.

Please be advised that after the successful candidate has completed the first year as an accredited member of ICRI he/she will be assessed for CPD. Thereafter, the normal 3-year cycle will operate.


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