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Monday, 06 November 2017


Conference post-prints available for purchase

Conference post-prints available for purchase

‘Conservation Activities in Ireland’ III (2012) and IV (2014) is an 100 page colour illustrated publication. From the wall paintings of Clare Island Abbey to a time capsule retrieved from a burnt cathedral, from scraps of Greek papyrus used as padding within mummy casings, to Viking Style Battle Axes retrieved from the bottom of Lough Corrib, the publication reflects the diversity of excellent conservation projects undertaken by ICRI members in both cultural institutions and independent practice.  

These 14 professional articles show the vitally important and often 'behind the scenes' profession of conserving of our heritage. They provides a snap-shot of the fascinating and challenging projects which reflect both the skills and expertise of conservators working to an incredibly high standard in Ireland today.

List of Contents:

A sticky situation: the conservation of a Burmese manuscript on ivory at the Chester Beatty Library by Julia Poirier

Resurrecting the historic tombs of St Mary’s Church, Kilkenny by Cóilín Ó Drisceoil, Amy Harris and Yvonne Doyle

Painting conservation and historical research: the conservation treatment of Daniel O’Connell and Contemporaries, by P.J Haverty, c. 1844 by Pearl O’Sullivan

Dealing with large collections: prioritise, optimise... and conserve? by Élodie Lévêque, Louise O’Connor and Gabrielle Vergnoux

Conservation, preservation and maintenance of wall paintings in Clare Island Abbey, Co. Mayo; a holistic perspective by Karena Morton

Conservation of Greek Papyri from the excavations of Sir W.M. Flinders Petrie (1835-1942) at Al-Fayyûm, Egypt by Clodagh Neligan

Conservation of iron and waterlogged wooden axes using sucrose by Anthony Read

Conservation of the time capsule from St Mel’s Cathedral, Longford: remedying extreme damage by Joanna Didik

Conservation of a collection of Blaschka glass models from the Natural History Museum, Dublin by Lorna Barnes

A question of frames - establishing authenticity by Kathryn Day Carrigan

Conservation of two large paintings on canvas - minimal intervention by Siobhan Conyngham

Technical study and conservation treatment of the sixteenth-century St Cailin’s book-shrine from the Longford Diocesan Museum by Kasia Bernaciak

Conservation treatment of a seventeenth century Indian Shahnama manuscript by Rachel Sawicki

Please contact us, if you would like to purchase a print copy for 10 euros. Please note postage and packaging will cost an additional 5 euros.  The printing of this publication was generously supported by the Department of Heritage, Culture and the Gaeltacht.

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