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Friday, 04 March 2022


ICRI Board Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

ICRI Board Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine


4th March 2022

ICRI Board Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine

The Institute of Conservator-Restorers in Ireland stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Federation military forces. At the forefront of our minds is concern for the safety of our colleagues who work for the preservation and conservation of Ukrainian cultural history, and that of the wider population. 

          Ukraine is a country with a rich and unique cultural heritage, from historic monuments and UNESCO heritage sites to libraries, archives, archaeological and art collections that represent the regions’ history from prehistoric times to the present day. This precious heritage is now at risk of looting and destruction.

 The Russian Federation is legally obliged, as a signatory of the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property to protect cultural heritage. We call attention to illegal acts of unconscionable destruction and will continue to share our values and our concerns for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage in Ukraine and throughout the world. 

               Our hope is for peace to return to Ukraine and for the safety of its people and material cultural legacy.

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