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This list contains contact details of ICRI members working in the private sector and available for consultation.

All ICRI members follow a Code of Conduct and are required to comply with its principles and practices.

ICRI is the accrediting body for the profession in Ireland. Accreditation gives additional reassurance on the level of training and ethical conduct to those seeking conservation services. Our professionally accredited members are highlighted in green on the Find a Conservator list. A tick also indicates their accreditation status.

More advice on contacting a conservator is here. If the type of object you have is not listed, please contact the membership secretary at membership@icriconservation.ie

All details are thought to be correct. Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement by ICRI.

Disclaimer: The Institute can in no way be held responsible for the errors or omissions, damages or breaches of contract caused by any conservator-restorer or accredited conservator-restorer member of the Institute regarding a third party which occur. A client of a member of the Institute may make a complaint to the Institute in relation to the event of an alleged breach of the Institute’s Code of Conduct by the member in question. The Complaints Procedure is set out in  detail in ICRI’s Bye-Laws (Appendix 3).


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